About The Artist

My name is Teresa, NYC.
I love Art, it is a gift given to me from God. I am fascinated with photography and how with one click I can capture a moment. It’s so beautiful, I am so blessed by God to have a wonderful camera. I am a young Catholic who is passionate about the Lord, he has changed me inside and out. Sometimes I feel misunderstood by everyone, sometimes I feel that we want to avoid religion but I cannot possibly contain all his great mercy and love bottled up. It’s just too amazing of a gift for me to seal my lips. Hope you enjoy the visit to this blog. All these images are copyrighted by me Teresa Escamilla. Thank you and have a beautiful day. God Bless.

My photography blog.



  1. Tom Farrell

    wow …. what great site …. always inspiring and always making me think more about the love of my Lord!

    thank you so much!

  2. SaintlySages

    You have put to excellent use the creative talents with which God has entrusted you. Your work is inspiring and uplifting, a treasure to cherish. Dios te bendiga!

  3. trf144

    Holy Moly! Wow Teresa.!…. I cannot believe such a beautiful blog as this ….. I will be back of more inspiration. All the gifts you have ….and how you use them so professionally blows me away! Keep up the great writing and photography and motivational photos with messages of God’s power, strength and glory. You encourage me to get out of my lazy ways and get back to more creativity! God bless you and yours! Tom

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