Take Courage –

Written May 19, 2012

All the readings these past weeks are following up to this upcoming celebration of the church called “Pentecost Sunday” which is this Sunday, 50 days after Easter. I really enjoy reading this one because Paul who used to be called Saul has gone through a whole transformation, he would persecute Christians now is even willing to die to preach the Gospel. Very inspirational. Take Courage.



  1. SaintlySages

    Your photos and captions make the words of Scripture come alive. It seems to me that the same Holy Spirit that strengthened the Apostles at Pentecost is even now guiding your hand in your work. Have a great weekend.God bless!

    • Teresa

      Wow thank you so much!
      I appreciate your words they mean a lot.
      When I read your comment it really touched my heart.
      It’s true the same spirit is within us.

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