You don’t even have to knock

Why do we question everything. Why am I questioning that question? I simply think that we always demand to know the truth and if it does not suit us then we quickly blot it out of our lives. We go against it. It is an easy fix for that moment. But then it comes back to us because we will again experience something that leaves us without any hope and we seek for something greater. Many times it is God. We expect to get quick answers even miracles. Since it mostly never turns out that way we simply give up. However God does not work the way we want him to. 

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
nor are your ways my ways – Isaiah 55:8


Your probably like here we go with the bible talk. God is simple but we just seem to want to complicate everything. He made everything perfect but it did not turn out that way. He continued to want to make everything better by sending Christ. Christ came to show us the way so that we could see clearer as we once could have seen. Still after that we continue to be blind. We have been deceived for so long we can no longer see wrong from right. We live at a very fast paste, we expect everything to be quick just like the internet and everything else that is changing the world around us. But all this did not come from God. It was created by man. (God created us but not our thoughts and ideas) What I am trying to tell you is that our relationship with God is not going to be like the relationships we have with people here on earth. God wants you to come to him but he will never force you to do so. The answers to our questions might be right in front of our faces but we can simply choose to ignore them. I pray for you and I to never give up and when we feel as if we let God down for far too long to go back to him just remember we were never holding him up. He is always holding us.



  1. cinhosa

    I question everything mostly for two reasons:
    1. I want things to make sense to me so I pretend I need a reason.
    2. I want things to be the way I want them to be so I question why when it doesn’t go my way.

    In both cases, I lack faith. Faith that our almighty and everlasting God is watching out for my family and me. When I try to run away, like the one lost sheep, he will send his shepherd Christ Jesus to find me.

    I agree with your statement that my relationship with God is like no other. It is a powerful statement. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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