Put on the armor of God…

“Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. Ephesians 6:11”

Somedays seem more intense than others. I mean it really is up to oneself. If I do not begin my day with prayer then evidently my day will not have the same meaning as if I did. My heart would be inspired by my wants not God’s. There are those days when everything seems to bother me and makes me want to quit life! (How does one quit life?… by giving into what the world wants of us) But then there are those most beautiful days when I want to live forever. It takes me some time to realize that I am most happy when I am living for and focused on the cross. It is when I go to God for guidance  and for his forgiveness for my constant failures. In words I cannot explain how he makes me feel, you must live it yourself. When I finally decided to let God plant that seed of his love in my heart I would have never though of me becoming who I am today. But this is what is so amazing about God that he can DO ALL THINGS. He turns the wicked into good. Sometimes situations in our lives are tough and many times we feel as we are alone but we should always remember that Jesus went through so much suffering for the ultimate gift of eternal life. Jesus went through humiliation, abuse verbal and physical, people spit at him, laughed at him, his friends betrayed him yet he never gave up, he never gave into the devils lies. This is why we should go to Jesus because he has gone through it all. The image I captured above reminds me of myself . Of this person who tries to walk in the path of God but gets blown with worldly things every minute of every hour. But hey let us walk with confidence in God with him guiding our hearts and everything will be blown away.


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